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James Cochrane 1836-1920

James Cochrane
Son of
John Cochrane and Margaret McGaan
Sibling of
Janet Cochrane 1831-1914
John Cochrane 1833-1905
Mary Cochrane 1839-1885
Margaret Cochrane 1843-1916
Husband of
Katharina Hieronymous
Father of
Margaret Cochrane 1871-1952
Mary Cochrane 1873-1964
John Cochrane 1876-1973
William Cochrane 1878-1954
Robert Cochrane 1880-1965
Jannett Cochrane 1882-1961
Jean Cochrane 1884-1971
Catharine Cochrane 1886-1973
Agnes Cochrane 1888-1979
Elizabeth Cochrane 1890-1981
Anne Cochrane 1892-1973

2 April 1836 Birth
James son of John Cochrane and Margaret McGawn spouses at Peatland was Born 2nd April and baptized on the 17th 1836.  According to the OPR Dundonald, Ayrshire 1673-1855

6 June 1841 Census
In the Village Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland at Grange Gate
COCHRAN, John, Age 35, Agricultural Labourer, Born Ayrshire
COCHRAN, Margret, Age 35, Born Ayrshire
COCHRAN, Janet, Age 10, Born Ayrshire
COCHRAN, John, Age 8, Born Ayrshire
COCHRAN, James, Age 6, Born Ayrshire
COCHRAN, Mary, Age 3, Born Ayrshire

30th March 1851 Census
Clellands Land, Kilmaranock, Ayrshire, Scotland
John Cochrane, Head, age 47, labourer, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Margaret Cochrane, Wife, age 50, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Janet Cochrane, Daughter, age 19, sewer, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
John Cochrane, Son, age 17, apprentice, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
James Cochrane, Son, age 14, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Mary Cochrane, Daughter, age 10, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Margaret Cochrane, Daughter, age 8, born Kirkconnell, Ayrshire
Mary McGaan, Visitor, age 37, sewer, born Galston, Ayrshire
Robert Shans, Servant, age 20, labourer, born Galston, Ayrshire

17 April 1852 Sailed to Montreal, Canada
Ship Susan of Glasgow sailed from Glasgow to Montreal on the 17th April 1852

In 1858 at least 30 000 gold seekers flooded the banks of the Fraser River from Hope to just north of Lillooet in British Columbia's first significant Gold Rush. Although short in duration, the Fraser Rush had a significant impact on the area's Native people. It also caused the nonsovereign territory of Britain known as New Caledonia to be quickly established as the colony of British Columbia in order to deal with the massive influx of foreign miners.

On the 16th of December 1859 James's brother John married Agnes Blair and after the wedding the couple along with James left Hillsgreen Ontario to join the trek west when that part of North America was being opened up. They set sail from Goderich and followed the winds around South America up the west coast to what is now Vancouver Island in southern British Columbia. John and Agnes Cochrane started their family on the island, but that is another story.
There James purchased cattle and drove them overland along the Caribou Trail to feed prospectors during the great gold rush..  By the 14th January 1861 when the census was taken he had returned to the Hills Green are and is found living in Stanley Township with his parents.

14 Jan 1861 Census

Stanley Twp, Huron Co, Ontario
John Cochrane, Farmer, born Scotland, age 55

Margaret Cochrane, Wife, age 56

James Cochrane, Son, Age 23

Mary Cochrane, Daughter, Age 20

9 March 1871  Marriage

GROOM: James Cochrane, age 32, residence, Hay Twp, born Scotland, bachalor, farmer, parents John and Margaret Cochrane
BRIDE: Catherine, age 22, residence Hay Twp, born Canada, single, parents William and Margaraet Cochrane (this is an error should have been William and Margaret Hieronymus)
Witness John Cochrane of Hay Twp
Date and Place: 9 March 1871 Clinton
Religion: Presbyterian for both

10 April 1871 Census

Hay Twp Huron Co Ontario
John Cochrane, age 66, born Scotland, Presbyterian, Farmer

Margaret Cochrane, age 70, born Scotland

Mary Cochrane, age 29, born Scotland

James Cochrane, age 32, born Scotland, Farmer, married March 1871

Catherine Cochrane, age 22, married March 1871
4 April 1881  Census

Hay Twp, Huron Co, Ontario 
James Cochrane, Farmer, age 44, born Scotland

Catherine Cochrane, age 32

Margaret Cochrane, age 9

Mary Cochrane, age 7

John Cochrane, age 5
William Cochrane, age 3
Robert Cochrane, age 11 months
John Cochrane, age 75, Born Scotland
Margaret Cochrane, age 80, born Scotland
Mary Cochrane, age 40, born Scotland
Martha Hood, age 18

11 August 1881 Left for Scotland

Diary of James Cochrane's Trip to Scotland in 1881 to buy horses transcribed from copy of original

 6 April 1891 Census
Hay Twp, Huron Co, Ontario

James Cochrane, Farmer, Age 53, born Scotland
Catherine Cochrane, Wife, Age 40
Margaret Cochrane, Dau, Age 19
Mary Cochrane, Dau, Age 17
John Cochrane, Son, Age 15
William Cochrane, Son, Age 13
Robert Cochrane, Son, Age 11
Jannett Cochrane, Dau, Age 9
Jean Cochrane, Dau, Age 7
Catherine Cochrane, Dau, Age 5
Agnes Cochrane, Dau, Age 3
Elizabeth Cochrane, Dau, Age 8 months
John Cochrane, Father, Widow,Age 84, Born Scotland

31 March 1901  Census
Huron County, Hay Township
Enumerator was William McAllister
Cochrane, James, Head, Born 2 April 1836, Age 65, Came to Canada 1852, Farmer
Cochrane, Catherine, Wife, Born 12 Feb 1850, age 51
Cochrane, Mary, Daughter, Born 23 Oct 1873. Age 27
Cochrane, John, Son, Born 10 May 1876, age 24
Cochrane, Jennett, Daughter, Born 27 Aug 1882, Age 18
Cochrane, Jean, Daughter, Born 23 Aug 1884, Age 16
Cochrane, Catherine, Daughter, Born 28 Jun 1886, Age 14
Cochrane, Agnes, Daughter, Born 19 May 1888, Age 12
Cochrane, Elizabeth, Daughter, Born 27 July 1890, Age 10
Cochrane, Ann, Daughter, Born 11 Oct 1892, Age 8
Religion was Presbyterian


In 1910 James and Kathaina and their faughter Agnes travelled west to visit their daughter Mary and her family in Saskatchewan. It was while their they enjoyed a picnic at Buffalo Lake a journey of about 15 miles. This would have been a fair drive with the horse and buggy in 1910 for a days outing.

1 June 1911 Census

South Huron County, Hay Township
Cochran, James, NP Lot 8  NE,  Head, Born April 1837, Age 75, Came to Canada 1852,Farmer
Cochran, Cateheren, Wife, Born Feb 1850, Age 61
Cochran, Jannett, Daughter, Single, Born Aug 1884, Age 27
Cochran, Elibith, Daughter, Single, Born July 1890, Age 21
Cochran, Annie, Daughter, Single, Born Oct 1892, Age 19
Cochran, Jane, Daughter, Single, Born Oct 1884, Age 27

Religion was Presbyterina
Enumerator was James Hagan, ( his spelling needs improvement!)

 21 October 1920 Death

Hay Twp, Huron County, Ontario, Canada

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