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Albert George Gray

Albert George Gray

Son Of
George Gray 1852-1939
Annie Dymer 1859-1917
Born 22 April 1882,
Lot 35 RWSR Saugeen Twp, Bruce Co., Ontario, Canada

Sibling Of
Elizabeth Mary Gray 1886-1918
William John Gray 1887-1969
Helen Ellen (Nellie) Gray 1893-1933
Lillian Anne Gray 1896-1958
Husband Of
Ida May Schwalm
Married 30 June 1902,
Schwalm Residence Allenford, Amabel Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario Canada
 Father Of
Albert Gray 1903-1903
Ernest Almer Oliver George Gray 1904-1989
Etta May Gray 1906-1938
Irene Mary Gray 1911-1999
Melvin Albert Gray 1914-1985
Wilfred Frank Gray 1919-1990
Wilhelmina Ethel Gray 1919-2002
Died 16 June 1948, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Moose Jaw Times Herald August 1948





Transcription of Letter to Mel & Elsy Gray
from sister Irene Gray Carson 1948
359 Ominica At E.
Moose Jaw Sk
June 21/48
Dear Mel and Elsy
          Well this isn’t the kind of letter I would like to be writing but I guess it can’t be helped. At least we know Dad didn’t suffer and that he was able to get around right to the last. Lorna and Ernest told me that the night he collapsed he had been to a ballgame and then went to the church to play bridge but when the first cards were on the table he said his hand was too cold to pick them up and then he had a pain in his shoulder then he fell across the table so the people sent for Lorna to come for him. Ernest went and when he got there dad was unconscious so he sent for an ambulance and took him to the hospital where he passed away the next morning without regaining consciousness. The funeral was Sat from Jones Funeral Parlars to Rosedale Cemetery. Dad had left a wish not to take him east to be buried and anyway there just wasn’t enough left to pay
for the trip and none of us have the ready cash to do it on our own. In fact there is so little left that the lawer doesn’t want to probate a will here. He suggested that if we can to just carry out the spirit of the will without probation if we can get the bond out of the bank as it is only for $50.00 and the is only $4.00 showing in Dad’s bank book & if we have to probate the will to get that much we might as well forget the bond, then all there is left is his life insurance which is approx $500.00 and with funeral expenses around $250.00 then there is the Dr. ambulance and some money to go to the dentist. And as you know conditions of the will are that all expenses be paid before what is left be divided equally among the 5 of us. So as you can see it is going to be close call to stretch far enough to go around.
(page 3)
 and as I can’t be here to sign papers when they come in I have gone to the lawer and had a paper made up to give Ernest full power to act with out me so now it is all in his hands as would like to get things straightened out as soon as possible and it would take a long time if every time I had to go to Edmonton and then come back here before anything could be done about them. I hope you will understand what I am trying to explain and will agree. I think Lorna is send you some flowers and the ribbon off the family wreath. We got it that way because the sprays were so small and expensive. We got a casket spray for $15.00 from the family. Ernest and I have each put in $5.00 and we have had no answer yet of any kind from either Ethel or Frank. Then there was a pillow from the grandchildren and your two boys were included. The pillow cost $8.00 and each of Ernest’s children that are working are paying $1.00 and if you care
(page 4)
 to put in $1.00 on this one Ernest and Lorna are paying the balance which will be $4.00. Well folks I hope I have things straight and that you understand. Now if there is anything of Dads that you know of that you would like to have a keepsake will you write Lorna and tell her. Ernest will be writing to you as soon as he has time but he has a lot of paper work to do for a day or two. Well I think that is all for this time as I have a lot to do yet as I leave for Edmonton in the morning and it is now 11:30 PM so I’;; close for now and hope to hear from you soon.
Love to All
Edmonton Address
11816 79th St


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