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John Cochrane 1804c - 1895

John Cochrane
1804c - 1895
Son of
John Cochrane 1781-1859
Mary Tait 1781c - 1849
Sibling of
Malcolm Cochrane 1811-1886
William Cochrane 1814-1906
Janet Cochrane 1816-1895
Mary Cochrane 1819-1904
Lachlin Cochrane 1822-1825
Husband of
Margaret McGaan
Married 3 June 1831 Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland
Father of
Janet Cochrane 1831-1914
John Cochrane 1833-1905
James Cochrane 1836-1920
Mary Cochrane 1839-1885
Margaret Cochrane 1843-1916

I have not found a birth or christening record for John but the 1851 census have him born in Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

6 June 1841 Census
Grange Gate, Kilmaranock, Ayrshire, Scotland

John Cochrane, age 35, Agriculture Labourer, born Ayrshire
Margaret Cochrane, age 35, born Ayrshire
Janet Cochrane, age 10, born Ayrshire
John Cochrane, age 8, born Ayrshire
James Cochrane, age 6, born Ayrshire
Mary Cochrane, age 3, born Ayrshire

30 March 1851
Clellands Land, Kilmaranock, Ayrshire, Scotland

John Cochrane, Head, age 47, labourer, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Margaret Cochrane, Wife, age 50, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Janet Cochrane, Daughter, age 19, sewer, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
John Cochrane, Son, age 17, apprentice, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
James Cochrane, Son, age 14, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Mary Cochrane, Daughter, age 10, born Dundonald, Ayrshire
Margaret Cochrane, Daughter, age 8, born Kirkconnell, Ayrshire
Mary McGaan, Visitor, age 37, sewer, born Galston, Ayrshire
Robert Shans, Servant, age 20, labourer, born Galston, Ayrshire

17 April 1852
Sailed on the Ship Susan of Glasgow
From Glasgow, Scotland to Montreal, Canada

 7 February 1856
Purchased Lot 9, South Boundary, Stanley Twp, Huron Co., Ontario, Canada
96 Acres

14 January 1861 Census
Stanley Twp, Huron Co, Ontario

John Cochrane, Farmer, born Scotland, age 55
Margaret Cochrane, Wife, age 56
James Cochrane, Son, Age 23
Mary Cochrane, Daughter, Age 20

28 March 1867
Purchased Lot 7 North Boundary, Hay Twp, Huron Co., Ontario, Canada
50 Acres 
2 April 1871 Census

Hay Twp Huron Co Ontario  

John Cochrane, age 66, born Scotland, Presbyterian, Farmer
Margaret Cochrane, age 70, born Scotland
Mary Cochrane, age 29, born Scotland
James Cochrane, age 32, born Scotland, Farmer, married March 1871
Catherine Cochrane, age 22, married March 1871

4 April 1881 Census
Hay Twp, Huron Co, Ontario

James Cochrane, Farmer, age 44, born Scotland
Catherine Cochrane, age 32
Margaret Cochrane, age 9
Mary Cochrane, age 7
John Cochrane, age 5
William Cochrane, age 3
Robert Cochrane, age 11 months
John Cochrane, age 75, Born Scotland
Margaret Cochrane, age 80, born Scotland
Mary Cochrane, age 40, born Scotland
Martha Hood, age 18

6 April 1891 Census
Hay Twp, Huron Co, Ontario

James Cochrane, Farmer, Age 53, born Scotland
Catherine Cochrane, Wife, Age 40
Margaret Cochrane, Dau, Age 19
Mary Cochrane, Dau, Age 17
John Cochrane, Son, Age 15
William Cochrane, Son, Age 13
Robert Cochrane, Son, Age 11
Jannett Cochrane, Dau, Age 9
Jean Cochrane, Dau, Age 7
Catherine Cochrane, Dau, Age 5
Agnes Cochrane, Dau, Age 3
Elizabeth Cochrane, Dau, Age 8 months
John Cochrane, Father, Widow,Age 84, Born Scotland

1 March 1895 Death
Registration # 007909

John Cochrane, died 1 March 1895, male, 88 years, farmer,born Scotland, cause of death old age, informant James Cochrane, Religion Presbyterian


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