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James Piper 1824-1899

James Piper

Son of
William Piper and Janet Mitchell

Brother of
William Piper 1812-1905
Lillias Piper 1814-1899
Archibald Piper 1816-1839
Hugh Piper 1818-1879
Jean Piper 1821-1881
Ivie Piper 1829-1856
John Piper 1831-1921

Husband of
Jean/Jane Wilson
Margaret Baird

Father of
William Piper 1851-1914
James Piper 1853-1891
John Piper 1855-1902
Jane Piper 1858-1933
Archibald Piper 1860-1930
Janet Piper 1862-1888

From the Sorn Parish Records the following was found.
Piper Jas, lawful son of Wm Piper, Blacksmith, Wealth of Waters and Janet Mitchel his spouse, was born 2nd and baptized 15th January 1824

The 1841 Census of Sorn, taken on the 6th of June, shows James in Auchmillian, Mauchline Parish, as a 15 year old Blacksmith living at home with his parents and younger brothers Ivie and John.

On 30th March 1851 James was living in Krkmichael, Ayrshire working as a labourer for farmer Andrew Young. Also on this farm was a house maid named Jane Wilson.
Janes and James were married shortly after this. The Kirkmichael Parish Record shows James Piper farm servant and Jane Wilson both in this parish were booked for marriage 31st May and married 13th June by the Rev Tho Thompson secession minister Maybole.

7th April 1861 James was living at Auchmillan, Mauchline, Ayrshire.
James Piper, age 35, blacksmith, born Sorn, Ayrshire
Jean Piper, age 34. blacksmith wife, born Maybole, Ayrshire
William Piper, age 9, son and scholar, born Maybole, Ayrshire
James Piper, age 7, son and scholar, born Ayr, Ayrshire
John Piper, age 5, son, born Ayr, Ayrshire,
Jean Piper, age 3, daughter, born Sorn, Ayrshire
Archibald Piper, age 11 months, born Mauchline, Ayrshire.

The family had moved a few times since their marriage and had settled at Auchmillan sometime within the last 3 years.
On the 6th of January1866 Jean died leaving James with six children to care for. Later that year, on 2nd November 1866, James married Margaret Baird. Margaret was single with a son William Murchie.
Living at Auchmillan, in the Parish of Mauchline on 7th April 1871 was:
James Piper, age 47, Blacksmith, , born in Sorn
Margaret Piper, age 44, wife of James, Blacksmith wife, born in Sorn
William Murchie, age 12, stepson of James, scholar, born in Sorn
Archibald Piper, age 11, son of James, scholar, born Mauchline
Jane Piper, age 8, daughter of James, scholar, born Mauchline

James wife Margaret died 13th April 1879 in Auchmillan

Living at Auchmillan on the 3rd April 1881
James Piper, widow, age 57, Blacksmith, born in Sorn
Archibald Piper, unmarried son, age 20,  Blacksmith, born in Mauchline
Jane Piper, daughter, age 22, housekeeper, born in Sorn
Margaret G Drummond, granddaughter, age 1, born Mauchline.

Somehow Jane aged, and is now older then her brother? Margaret in fact Margaret Jane the illigitamate daughter of Jane.

5th April 1891 living in Auchmillan
James Piper, widow, age 66, Blacksmith, born Sorn
Archibald Piper, son, age 35, Blacksmith, born Mauchline
Jane Piper, daughter, age 33, housekeeper, born Sorn
Margaret Jane Piper, granddaughter, age 11, scholar, born Mauchline
Jessie Piper, granddaughter, age 8, scholar, born Mauchline
James Piper, grandson,, age 13, scholar, born Ayr.

Margaret and Jessie are the illigimate daughters of Jane and James is the son of James and Elizabeth Piper of Ayr.

On 24th December 1899, at 10:30 am, James died at Auchmillan, Mauchline Parish. He was 76 years old. His father is listed as William Piper, blacksmith, deceased. His mother Janet Piper MS Mitchell, deceased. The cause of death was organic disease of the heart for the past 2 years 6 months. His son Archibald Piper was present.

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