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Janet Crawford 1853-1932

Janet Crawford 1853c - 1932

Daughter of
John Crawford and Martha Heron

this information was obtained from her marriage and death records,
I have been unable to locate an actual birth record for her.

Sister of
Isabella Crawford 1856-1929
Catherine Crawford 1858
James Crawford 1861
Agnes Lapraik Crawford 1863
John Crawford 1865
William Crawford 1868
Thomas Crawford 1870
Jemima Crawford 1872-1873
Walter Dalziel Heron Crawford 1874-1875

Wife of
William Piper

Married 11 April 1873 Dalgain Sorn Parish.

Her marriage record states she is  the daughter of
John Crawford Pit Drawer and Martha Crawford MS Heron

Mother of
James Piper 1873-1949
John Piper 1875-1950
William Piper 1877-1941
Thomas Crawford Piper 1879-1956
Jane Piper 1881-1885
Catherine Crawford Piper 1884-1956
Archibald Piper 1887-1964
Janet Piper 1889-1953
Martha Heron Piper 1892-1893

Janet, according to census records, was born in Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire about 1853. Her parents married 7 Dec 1855 in New Cumnocks, Ayrshire. The parents were both born in Dumfriesshire. I have looked for a Janet born to either John Crawford or Martha Heron and previous partners but found nothing, so am assuming Janet was born out of wedlock and never registered. Why did they wait 2 years to marry?

1873 April 11 Janet married William Piper at Dalgain, Sorn Prish

1873 May 11th son James was born in Sorn. James married Agnes Gray in 1900 and had 4 children. 
James died 9 Sept 1949

1875 June 9th son John was born in Sorn. John married Susan Brown.  In 1894 John and Susan immigrated to USA and then in 1911 to Alberta Canada. They had 4 sons.
 John died Jan 1950 in Bow Island Alberta.

1877 May 26th son William was born in Sorn. William never married, he died in Sorn 13 Jan 1941

1879 Sept 3 son Thomas was born in Sorn. Thomas married Agnes Lawson in 1904, they never had children. Thomas died 13 June 1951 in Musselburgh, Midlothian.

1881 Nov 13th daughter Jane was born in Sorn, she died as a child on 15 Jan 1885 from pneumonia

1884 Apr 29 daughter Catherine was born in Sorn. She married James Brown on 12 Oct 1910, they moved to Australia and had 3 children. Catherine died  27 May 1956 in Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia

1887 Feb 14th son Archibald Piper was born in Sorn, he moved to Canada in 1910 married Eliza Clayton in 1913 and they had 3 children. Archibald died 5 Nov  1964 in White Rock, BC, Canada

1889 Nov 11 daughter Janet was born in Sorn, she never married and died 4 Sept 1953

1892 July 22 daughter Martha was born in Sorn she died 17 Feb 1893 of acute bronchitis 

William and Janet Piper

1932 July 6 Janet Piper widow of William Piper died in Sorn Village. The cause of death was Valvular disease of the heart. She was 78 years old and the daughter of John Crawford Pit-Bottomer, deceased and Martha Crawford MS Heron, deceased. The informant was her son William.
Janet was buried in the Sorn Kirkyard along side her husband and 2 infant daughters.

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