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Mary Arkley 1821c-1900

Mary Arkley

Daughter of Joseph Arkley and Dorothy Smith
Wife of Henry McCord
Half-Sister of James Stafford 1806-1836
Full -Sister of
Jane Arkley b) 1815
Joseph Arkley b)1818

According to census records Mary was born in Upper Canada, while her siblings and parents were born in England therefore I believe the family arrived in Canada just before her birth 1820/21c

In the 1821 census taken 17 Feb, in the March/Huntley Twp, Carleton Co, Ontario the family consisted of
Ashley, Joseph: wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters for a total  family members of 6. 
This family would consist of Joseph, his wife Dorothy, her son James Stafford, their son Joseph, daughter Jane and daughter Mary.
Information on Jane was obtained from the marriage record of her son George Arkley Dawson. Jane had married Francis Dawson 1837c. Jane was still alive in the 1901 census and she states she came to Canada in 1820
 This family has been indexed as Ashley but I believe it is our Arkley family as I have found land records of Joseph Arkley, English emigrant, NW 1/2 Lot 18 Con 4 March Twp Carleton Co. registered 23 Aug 1823

In the "Heir" records of Mary's mother, Dorothy, they lived in North Gower by 1836 and inherited the land in 1840, see Mary's mothers records for more info on this. 1836 is when Dorothy's son, James Stafford,  by her first married was drowned and she inherited land in North Gower. This land was adjacent to the land Henry McCord farmed and this is how Henry and Mary probably met.

In the 1842 census, Canada West (Ontario) returns were suppose to be completed by February 1, 1842
In the Arkley household the family consisted of Joseph Arkley, miller, 3 born Ireland, 1 born Canada, 22 years in Canada. This means the family came to Canada in 1820. This was taken from NAC Film C1344, 1842 Census Goulbourn Twp, Carleton Co,
I believe this family consisted of Joseph his wife Dorothy their son Joseph and daughter Mary. (James had already died and Jane had married by this time)
Mary Arkley married Henry McCord in Richmond on 19 Feb 1842 in Richmond, Carleton Co, Ontario

There is no record of children being born until 5 years later when their son Thomas was born in 1847. Why? did Mary not conceive, did she have some miscarriages or were they not recorded? None have shown up in later census.

Children of Mary and Henry McCord
Thomas 1847-1887
married Catherine McRae
Dorothy 1849-1923
never married and died in Prince Albert SK
Jane Eve 1851-1884
never married died in Carleton Co
buried in St Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery Richmond, ON
Jane Sarah 1853-1938
married George Dawson, lived in Prince Albert, SK
but died while visiting her daughter in The Pas, MB
is buried in Prince Albert, SK
Eliza Victoria 1856-1883
married David Eadie, had a family and died in Carleton Co
buried in St Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery Richmond, ON
Henry 1860-1885
never married, died in Carleton Co.
buried in St Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery Richmond, ON
Hellen 1862-1882
never married, died in Carleton Co.
buried in St Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery Richmond, ON
John Joseph 1865-1946
married Mary Jane Joy
died in Ottawa, ON
James 1867-1885
never married
William R. 1870-1912
married Sarah Cobb in Illinois
died in South Dakota
Mary lost a lot of family in a few years to which I believe to be tuberculosis
Daughter Hellen died in 1882
Daughter Eliza Victoria Eadie died in 1883
Daughter Jane Eve died in 1884
Her husband Henry died in 1884
Son James died in 1885
Son Henry died in 1885
Son Thomas died in1887
The only death certificate I can find is the one of Thomas which states he died of consumption which in today's language is tuberculosis
In 1884, just before he died, Henry wrote a will leaving everything to his wife Mary

On 10th Sept 1888 their son John Joseph  took over ownership of the farm and Mary continued to live with him.
In the 1891 census taken the 6th of April
Living on the farm were
Mary McCord age 71, widow head of household
her daughter Dorothy, age 40, unmarried
her grandson James Eadie age 11
her grandson Henry Eadie age 9
her son John age 26
John's wife Mary age 23
John's daughter Pearl age 7 months

I'm wondering did Mary take in her grandchildren after her daughter Eliza's death in 1883
In 1883 the children would have been
John age 11, Alice age 8, Susan age 6, Dorothy age 4, James age 2 and Henry a newborn
perhaps the father would look after the older ones and the small ones came to live with their grandmother.
Mary died on the 8th of July 1900

She is buried beside her husband Henry and children in St Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery, Richmond ON

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