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Dorothy Smith 1778c-1853c

Dorothy Smith was born in England about 1778 but I haven't found her birth record yet so have no parents for her.
Dorothy was married three times and widowed twice.

Wife of John Shippen

Durhan Records Online http://www.durhamrecordsonline.commarriages/, Chester-le-Street District - Record Number: 437217.1 Marriages

Location: Lamesley
Church: St. Andrew
Denomination: Anglican
27 Nov 1798 John Shippen, of this Chapelry married Dorothy Smith, of this Chapelry, by banns
Witnesses: Elizabeth Pattison, Robert Pattison, George Shippen

Durhan Records Online
Death of Husband: John Shippen of Chester-le-Street died 1798

Wife of William Stafford

Dorothy Shippen married William Stafford 25 July 1805 Ryton, Durham, England
This was obtained from the FHL film #0483718

Durhan Records Online
Marriages, Gateshead District - Record Number: 170911.1
Location: Ryton
Church: Holy Cross
Denomination: Anglican
25 Jul 1805 William Stafford, of All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne married Dorothy Shippen (widow), by licence
Witnesses: Thomas Ward, John Ward

Mother of James Stafford
Their son James Stafford was born 25 Feb 1806 and christened 30 March 1806 at Ryton, Durham
This was obtained from the FHL film #0593803

Durhan Records Online
Baptisms, Gateshead District - Record Number: 342584.0
Location: Ryton Woodside
Church: Ryton Woodside
Denomination: Congregational
13 Mar 1806 James Stafford, of Stella Path Head, born 25-Feb 1806, son of William Stafford by his wife Dorothy

Wife of Joseph Arkley

Dorothy Stafford married Joseph Arkley 12 Feb 1814 Ryton, Durham, England

Durham Records Online
Marriages, Gateshead District - Record Number: 170953.1
Location: Ryton
Church: Holy Cross
Denomination: Anglican
12 Feb 1814 Joseph Arkley married Dorothy Stafford (widow)

Mother of Jane Arkley born 1815c in England
Mother of Joseph Arkley born 1818c in England

The family came to Canada 1820c

Mother of Mary Arkley born 1821c in Canada

In the 1821 census taken 17 Feb, in the March/Huntley Twp, Carleton Co, Ontario the family consisted of
Ashley, Joseph: wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters for a total family members of 6.
This family would consist of Joseph, his wife Dorothy, her son James Stafford, their son Joseph, daughter Jane and daughter Mary.

Information on Jane was obtained from the marriage record of her son George Arkley Dawson. Jane had married Francis Dawson 1837c. Jane was still alive in the 1901 census and she states she came to Canada in 1820

This family has been indexed as Ashley but I believe it is our Arkley family as I have found land records of Joseph Arkley, English emigrant, NW 1/2 Lot 18 Con 4 March Twp Carleton Co. registered 23 Aug 1823


In 1840 Dorothy inherited land owned by her son, James Stafford, that had drowned in the river
Any help will be appreciated in filling in the blanks and fixing any errors, Thanks.

Second Heir and Devisee Commission Case File
Name: Arkley, Dorothy
Location: North Gower Township
Date of file: 1840
Case File # 40-2090


Dorothy Arkley
Received from Jno R Gowan Eq
15th July 1840
Wm H Lee
16 July 1840
Deferred for proof
See Wm Baxter ___________
Minuets Claim No 70
W B Rolinsky


A ___________
Crownhead Office
___________15th July 1840
The south east half of Lot 2 in 4 Con North Gower, a clergy reserve, was sold to James Stafford 27th February 1834 upon which seven withdrawals have been paid



Is hereby given that Dorothy Arkley of Richmond in the Bathurst District, wife of Joseph Arkley of the same place Miller wife claim at the next sittings of the Honorable _____ Commissions for ____ _________ titles to lands ___________ patent hath issued _________ __________

Of July next thru east half of lot number two in the fourth concession of the township of North Gower in the Johnstown District as Heiress at law of James Stafford deceased

Dated 20th May 1840


30 May 1840

I certify that the within notice of claim was put up in a conspicuous place in the office of the clerk of the Peace in the District of Johnstone on the thirteenth day of May last and there remained exhibited until the sixth day of July _______ from under my hand the sixth day of July 1840 at the time of ______________

James Essaf
Clerk of the Peace
District of Johnstone

No 3
Aff in claim of
Dorothy Arkley
SE ½ 2 in 4th Con of N Gower

Upper Canada
Bathurst District

Joseph Arkley _____ ____ of Richmond in the said district Laborer _____
____ oath and saith that James Stafford was drowned in the river ________ in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six by the up setting of a canoe while crossing said river in company with deponent ______ said James Stafford and deponent had been for many months before his death working together at the _________ _________ and that the said James Stafford never made any will previous to his death _____________Deponent would have known of the same as deponent was fully aware of all the affairs of the said James Stafford who was deponents half brother by his mother side and no will was ever found after his death . This deponent further saith that the father of the said James Stafford is also dead and that this said James Stafford left no other relatives in Canada on his fathers side she as deponent believes and as she said James Stafford also believed previous to his death.

Sworn before me in Richmond
In Bathurst District this 6th
Day of July 1840 Joseph Arkley


N0 1
Aff in claim Dorothy Arkley
SE ½ 2 in 4th Con North Gower


Upper Canada

Bathurst District

Dorothy Arkley of Richmond in the Bathurst District wife of Joseph Arkley of the same place Miller maketh oath and saith that she ______ believes her claims to the South East half of lot number two in the fourth concession of the Township of North Gower to be equitable and correct and that she is not aware of any adverse in the claim to title for the same is part of my person whatsoever. This deponent further saith that the said premises were and have been occupied by deponents family before and since the death of James Stafford deponents son by her first husband

That there are bout seven acres of the said crop cleared and under cultivation and a dwelling house and other out buildings erected under which improvements have been made by deponents present family during the lifetime of said since the death of the said James Stafford who was drowned in the summer of this year Eighteen hundred and thirty six.

_____________ making ___________my wife as deponent __________ _________ as one was ever found and deponent wants ot have _____ of the same had it been made, This deponent forsaith that this James Stafford is dead and she is next _________ of any ___ Canada which the said James Stafford was _______. ___________________________

Sworn before me at Richmond
In the said District of Bathurst this
6th day of July 1840


1852 Census
North Gower, Carleton Co, Ontario

Dorothy is born England age 74, her husband Joseph age 67, a miller
On the next page of the census
Joseph and Elizabeth Arkley list 1 family living in a log home.
Henry and Mary McCord list 2 families living in a log home
It is my conclusion that Dorothy & Joseph are living with their daughter Mary and her husband Henry McCord, a farmer and they belong to the Church of England

I have no further records and do not know when they died or where they are buried, they are not found in later census nor burial indexes.

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