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Janet Mitchell 1789-1864

Janet Mitchell

Daughter of
Janet lawful daur to Arch'd Mitchell Maltman Lockend and Jean Mitchell was born 14th and Bapt'd 15th April 1790 Campbeltown, Aryyllshire
(Archibald Mitchell and Jean Mitchell were married 28 January 1785 Campbeltown, Argyllshire)

Sister of
Robert Mitchell born 1788 Campbeltown, Argyllshire
Margaret Mitchell born 1792 Campbeltown, Argyllshire
Jean Mitchell born 1795 Ayr, Ayrshire
Agnes Mitchell born 1797 Ayr, Ayrshire
James Mitchell born 1801 Ayr, Ayrshire
William Mitchell born 1804 Ayr, Ayrshire

Wife of
William Piper

Mother of
1.William Piper 1812-1905
OPR Coylton
1812 April 12th William Piper and Janet Mitchell had a child in lawful marriage (born 11th ult) baptized named William  (11th of the previous month) .
William married Margaret Wilson and they farmed near Tarbolton.
William died 4 March 1905 in Tarbolton at the age of 93. His parents were William Pyper Blacksmith and Janet Mitchell. Cause of death was Senile decay and informant was his grandson William Pyper

2. Lillias Piper 1814-1899
OPR Mauchline
Piper, Will'm smith at Porterlodge and Janet Mitchell spouses, their daughter born 25th and baptized 2 Jan 1814 named Lillias.
Lillias never married, she died 8 May 1899 in Catrine. Parents William Piper and Janet Mitchell. cause of death was exhaustion resulting from fracture of the neck of femur 1 year. Informant was her nephew John Piper. (son of her brother James)

Archibald Piper 1816-1839
OPR Mauchline
1816 Piper, William, smith Porterslodge and Janet Mitchell spouses, son born 5 and baptized 14 Jan'ry named Archibald.
Archibald died 10 July 1839 and is buried in the Sorn Churchyard (source of info headstone)

4. Hugh Piper 1818-1879
OPR Sorn
1818 Hugh, lawful son of Wm Piper Blacksmith, Wealth of Water and Janet Mitchell his spouse, was born 21st Jan'y and baptized 15th Feb'y 1818
Married Janet Adams
2nd marriage was to Janet Wilson
Hugh was found dead on his plantation in Tarbolton 5 July 1879 at age 60, occupation farmer. His father was William Piper, blacksmith, deceased. His mother Janet Piper MS Mitchell

5. Jean Piper 1821-1881
OPR Sorn
1821 Jean lawful daughter of Wm Piper Blacksmith at Wealth of Water and Janet Mitchell his spouse, was born 15th and baptized 25th Feb'y 1821
OPR Sorn
Thomas McKail in parish of Kilmany and Jean Piper in this parish , after being duly proclaimed here in order to marriage, were married 29th Jan'y 1841
Jane died 7 May 1881 in the Parish of Irvine at age 58 years. Cause of death was disease of the brain. Informant was her son James McCall

6. James Piper 1824-1899
OPR Sorn
1824 Jas, lawful son of Wm Piper Blacksmith Wealth of Waters and Janet Mitchell his spouse was born 2nd and baptized 15th Jan'y 1824  (My G G Grandfather, more info on James Piper 1824-1899 blog)

7. Ivie Piper 1829-1856
OPR Sorn
1829 Ivie, lawful son of Wm Piper Blacksmith Wealth of Waters and Janet Mitchell his spouse was born 1st Mar and baptized 8th April 1829
OPR Sorn
Ivie Piper and Jane Good both in this parish have been duly proclaimed in order to marriage in the parish church here and objections offered 10th, 17th, 24th April 1853 3 days.
Ivie died 4 Feb 1856 at Wealth O' Waters at age 25. He was a blacksmith. Father William Piper, blacksmith deceased. His mother Janet Piper MS Mitchell. He is buried in the Sorn Churchyard. Cause of death was tuberculous infection of lymph nodes of the neck. Informant was his brother John Piper

8. John Piper 1831-1921
OPR Sorn
John, lawful son of Wm Piper Blacksmith Wealth of Waters and Janet Mitchell his spouse was born 2nd Oct and baptized 9th Nov 1831
Death Barhouse, Sorn, 9 August 1921 9:20am
John Piper, age 88, retired master blacksmith, widower of Jane Farquhar Reid
Father William Piper blacksmith, deceased
Mother Janet Piper MS Mitchell, deceased
Cause, senile decay, pulmonary congestion
Informant William Piper, son
Some of John's decendants are written about on

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