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William Piper 1782-1852

William Piper

Son of
William Piper and Jean Boiy/Buie

Brother of
Janet Piper 1783-1859
Margaret Piper 1791-1870
Ivie Piper 1792-
Jean Piper 1794-1868
Lilly Montgomery Piper 1796-
Euphemia Piper 1796-

Husband of
Janet Mitchell

Father of
William Piper 1812-1905
Lillias Piper 1814-1899
Archibald Piper 1816-1839
Hugh Piper 1818-1879
Jean Piper 1821-1881
James Piper 1824-1899
Ivie Piper 1829-1856
John Piper 1831-1921
OPR Coylton, Ayrshire: Piper April 12th 1782 Wm. Piper and Jean Boiy near Sundrum had a son (in lawful marriage) baptized named William

OPR Ayr, Ayrshire: 1811 October 4th, William Piper Blacksmith in Mauchline and Janet Mitchell in Ayr, gave in their names to be proclaimed on Order for Marriage and after proclamation were Married Accordingly.

1841 Census, Sorn, Ayrshire
Piece: SCT1841/613 Place: Sorn -Ayrshire Enumeration District: 2

Civil Parish: Sorn Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Sorn
Folio: 2 Page: 6
Address: Wealth Of Water
PIPER William M 55 Black Smith Ayrshire
PIPER Janet F 45 Ayrshire
PIPER James M 15 Ayrshire
PIPER Ivie M 11 Ayrshire
PIPER John M 9 Ayrshire

1851 Census, Sorn, Ayrshire
Wealth O'Water
William Piper, head, married, age 70, Blacksmith
Janet Piper, wife, married, age 60
Ivie Piper, son, unmarried, age 21

1852 March 14th William Piper died, source is his headstone in Sorn Parish Churchyard

The smith's basic means of working the metals were physical and chemical: air from the bellows, fire from the forge, water for tempering and tools operated by hand. Transformation processes were heating, hammering and tempering (mainly with water).

In blacksmithing, the smith heats metal to an extremely high temperature, then hammers and shapes it on a work surface to achieve the desired form. The craft is incredibly physically demanding, dirty and hot. For generations, the craft of blacksmithing was learned through an apprenticeship with a mentor.

Tools of the trade were;
Anvil, which allowed the blacksmith to hammer hot iron into the required shape
Vise, used to hold pieces of metal
Tongs, used to move the hot metal
Water trough; when the metal was done being molded it would be moved to the water trough to cool.
Forge: was the source of heat, blacksmiths usually worked with hot coals and embers.

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