Friday, October 18, 2019

Great Gramma's Quilt

Great Gramma's Quilt


Family stories have told me this quilt was made in Ontario by my great gramma and her daughters.
Great Gramma was Katharina Cochrane, wife of James Cochrane daughter of Wilhelm Hieronymus and Margaretha Dengel she was born 1850 Waterloo, Ontario

Her children were
Margaret b) 1871
Mary b) 1873 (my grandmother)
John b) 1876
William b) 1878
Robert b) 1880
Janet b) 1882
Jean b) 1884
Catharine b) 1886
Agnes b) 1888
Elizabeth b) 1890
Anne b) 1892

At first I thought this quilt was made in 1905

 as that is the date that is embroidered on it, however after a closer look I found a 1906 that was covered by some tatting work. WHY?

Other embroidery I found are

Sept - not sure what this means

J(backwords) C F -  I believe this to mean the person was deceased which would be my grandfather, James Cooper Forrest, husband of Mary, who died in 1914.I'm thinking my grandmother Mary Cochrane Forrest made this block.

J C C - The only thing I can put to this is Jean Cochrane Cameron, Jean married to Hugh Cameron in 1913 and she likely made this block.

C A F - Catherine Anne Forrest was born in 1905 and is embroidered on the same material as 1905
This block was probably also made by my grandmother Mary Cochrane Forrest

J C F - James Cochrane Forrest, my father, son of Mary Cochrane Forrest, was born in 1909. There was another James Cochrane Forrest born 1899, son of Margaret Cochrane Forrest.

If in fact it is my father why isn't his twin sister that died in 1910 mentioned?

A C - Agnes Cochrane, never married

J.C. - Janet  (Jessie)  Cochrane, never married

B C - Bess (Elizabeth) Cochrane, didn't marry until 1923

Annie - Anne Cochrane, didn't marry until 1937

I've come to the conclusion this quilt was made about 1914-1923, probably over the winters gramma took the children east. The quilt was given to Catharine Cochrane Smith after the death of Katharina and Aunt Kate brought it west and added the pink frilly edging. In 2010 I inherited when the last daughter, Lois, of Aunt Kate's passed and I restored the backing and removed the pink frills.