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Frederick James Piper 1920-1943

Frederick James Piper
Fred was named Frederick after his Maternal Grandfather Frederick Clayton
 and James was a common name in his father's family
22 May1920 - 18 August 1943
Son of
Archibald Piper 1887-1964
Eliza Elizabeth Clayton 1882-1940
Brother of
Ellen Janet Elizabeth Piper 1915-2008
William Archibald Piper 1916-1979
Fred and dog Spot
Fred and his brother Archie Jr

Fred was born in Tuxford, SK on Saturday the 22nd of  May 1920. He attended Tuxford School from grade 1 to 11 after which he attended Technical School in Moose Jaw taking a Machinest and Welding. Fred then worked for his father Archie, who owned a business in Tuxford, for two years before he enlisted in the RCAF on Tuesday January 7th 1940 in Regina SK

Moose Jaw Technical School opened in the fall of 1931,
Fred attended from 1937-1938

 Fred then worked for his father in Tuxford, doing welding and machine work, until he enlisted.

Fred and his brother Archie Jr
Fred and his father Archie

Fred and his father Archie


Archie   Ellen   Fred

Archie   Ellen   Fred   Eliza

During the years 1935-1939 the newspapers wrote of liklihood of war in Europe. Near the end of August 1939 Germany invaded Poland, a few days later Canada, following England's lead, declared war on Germany

In October that same year Uncle Fred made application to join the RCAF in Regina, because of the abundance of applications he was told to wait, on January 7, 1940 he returned and was accepted

On each of these applications to enlist letters of recommendation were give from Mr Bourne and Mr Smith of Tuxford

To come are approx 50 letters he wrote home to his sister Ellen.

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